Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thing 5

#5 Note-taking 

After looking at a number of apps for note-taking I think what I am currently using will do.  
The quick notes I take on the notes app in iOS7, the Reminders app, and my Google account do not seem to conflict and keep me on top of my schedules and lists.
I hear much about Evernote and how teachers are using it with their students, however I feel in sync with what I use now, and switching to another app right now seems like a poor use of my time.
As I continue to listen and read about how others are organizing their lists, calendars, etc., I'll remain open to ditching what I use now and crossing over.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thing 4

#4 Keeping Up

I created a Flipboard account awhile ago and I use it now more than when it was first created; a bit overwhelming at first.  Keeping updated is time-consuming and Flipboard has evolved to be more intuitive and seems to have staying power.  I appreciate the way the search box is categorized by topic, publishers, etc.  Having the option to quickly share via email, im, Twitter, Google, and FB is convenient.  
My Flipboard has a variety of content updated regularly from TED talks to SLJ to BBC World News.
Having the Twitter feed right there is also helpful.  

Thing 3

#3 Utilities


Our school recently purchased 50 Chromebooks for students to use in our JH.  Chrome is the search engine of choice for most students.  We have both IE and Chrome on our lab terminals and find a number of applications do not open when in IE. Firefox is rarely used but still available as a search engine option (a number of sites we access seem to freeze up in Firefox).  Duck, Duck, Go is another search engine some students use.  It doesn't track you as Google does and has less clutter.

Some teachers in our school are using the QR code creator i-nigma with their students.  It is also free.  Our 1st grade students researched penguins, wrote about their findings, recorded via Audioboo, and then placed the QR code they created below their writing.  The pages were copied and books were then available for students to audibly follow as they read their new books.

This #3 challenge is a good one for me.  It's time to get after using the code reader in the library.  The examples offered are relevant.  I hope to try the Yukon Schools book review project with the Maud Hart Lovelace titles in our library next fall.  

Thing 1

#1 Goals for 23 Mobile Things

After participating in 23 Things on a Stick a few years ago I applied much of what I learned to my personal and professional life.  The opportunity came at a time when I really needed some guidance into the technology available for educational and personal use.  And now a few years later (light-years in technology) I find myself at another crossroads with the explosion of mobile technology.  
My goal is to continue exploring, evaluating, and applying technology guided by this 23 Mobile Things opportunity.

Thing 2

#2 - Mobile Device Tips


Because the mobile devices I use are intuitive and work well I have neglected to dig further into the many options available - beyond what I started using "out of the box."  Being lost a few times on a recent trip I neglected to access the compass app.  The battery-saving tips have been coming my way via others who lament the long battery life of the earlier iOS versions.  The Siri option to correct pronunciations is pretty neat!  I also enjoy the Siri Twitter search option.
This particular Thing has launched me into an iOS tip-sharing frenzy with some friends and relatives.
(They may stop opening my emails...) I look forward to using iCloud more for photo sharing.