Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thing 21

#21 Free-For -All

Too Noisy Pro 

I use the Too Noisy app for grades K-6 and all grade levels respond positively to it, i.e., they are controlling their own noise level in the classroom.  I pd. for the app because the "Pro" version has more alarm, timing, and scene options, and the ability to record our own alarm.  
  • I simply set the noise level appropriate to the work in the classroom. 
  • Students earn audible "stars" at intervals set by the teacher.
  • If noise level is too high the glass "breaks" on the screen and one star is lost.
  • Celebration music when specific number of goals are reached.
  • I would project the app but have not yet figured out how to connect my iPad mini to a mounted projection system.  

Pic Collage

Pic Collage offers a quick and easy way to display pics with the option to use fonts, stickers, and frames.  It is user friendly and a great way for kids to quickly compose and present experiences in and out of the classroom.

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