Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thing 23

#23 Evaluation

What I found most helpful in the 23 Mobile Things project was work within the Infographics and Presentation Things. We are moving away from traditional PPT presentation (Yes!) and these Things offered very good presentation options.

I really didn't connect with others during this project; struggled just to get them finished in time.  23 Mobile Things was set aside in favor of other work and activities.  Visiting other blogs didn't fit my time frame.  Maybe this should be one of the Things next time - or a requirement to comment on a few other blogs each time we complete a task.

I would say not much has changed for me as a result of this experience, but that does not mean it was not effective.  I feel in tune to what is happening with mobile activity at a time when in the blink of an eye one can feel behind tech progress.

This learning experience has introduced me to relevant uses for mobile apps and kept me updated in the ever-changing world of mobile technology.  I am more connected to what my students are using and ready to try new technology because of 23 Mobile Things.

Please commit to creating another 23 Things Program!
Thank You!

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Tyler Irvin said...

You're not the first to comment on the lack of interactivity with other participants. I think it's a valid point particularly if we're looking at online resources as so many of them are about sharing. I agree it should be a strong consideration for any other iterations of this program.

Congratulations on completing all 23 Mobile Things! If you haven't already, please email and notify them of your completion. Also include your name, your blog's name, that you're from the SELS region, and whether you'd like a badge for your blog. This will allow them to update their list and make you eligible for a finisher reward.